In Kerala Property

‘IN KERALA PROPERTY’ one of the leading real estate consultants in Kerala. Our prime aim is to help the buyer / renter / investor and to guide them to the right property of their own choice within their affordable budget. After coming to understand your right choice, we have our knowledgeable and enthusiastic team committed to simplifying the process of your real estate endeavors. We sell and rent out residential and commercial complexes. It is also a one-stop destination for NRI's to fulfill their dream of finding an environment friendly space to settle down peacefully with their bellowed family.

About Us

Inside each of us there lies a child who refuses to grow old. It is this child that kindles our dreams, fires our imagination, strokes our hopes and fosters our happiness.

‘IN KERALA PROPERTY’ proudly stands out separately among the other property industries, for its meticulous process which involves careful and minute research of market and industry product developments, customer survey and innovative intervention to make it one of the most preferable and acceptable portal in the industry. Now we have come a long way, where we have innovative fact-based solution with the unequalled network of contacts, passionate team of expert and world class international services

IN KERALA PROPERTY have the full hearted support of the NRI's in spearing ahead in this competitive industry of real estate.

We work whole-heartedly to ensure that your experience with ‘IN KERALA PROPERTY’ is a most satisfying and worthy one and we pride ourselves on our integrity, creativity and understanding with utmost consideration of your needs.

We always make sure that the property which we are marketing has clear titles, good quality construction and appreciation factor and right location for respective purpose. To be known as the leading company in the real estate industry, we will serve our customers and clients by delivering all our commitments made before, during and after every transaction. It is not a onetime process. We continue to research on these areas to provide the most upgraded portal to all the customers and to fulfill and reach up to their level of expectation. IN KERALA PROPERTY is well equipped with dedicated staff that can produce instant high quality property presentation to send direct to prospective tenants. We sell and buy residential and commercial complexes. We help housing loan company to announce their attractive schemes, legal experts to give advice on complicated matter, vastu experts to solve the problem related to space, while architect, builders get an opportunity to show their skill in their respective areas.

Listing a property in an effective, professional manner is of paramount importance. Since property is a life time investment of hard-earned money and hence must be handled with care. IN KERALA PROPERTY provide a broad selectors that covers all assets-classes (apartments, villas, town-houses and offices) at various free hold developments with facilities choosing, the most suitable property at the best possible price. IN KERALA PROPERTY promises to delight you with our real estate endeavor and at the same time play an important part in the betterment of the society. So that we can all continue to live brilliant.


We are respectful, honest, and positive and fare to all stakeholders. We embrace a culture of continuously improving our processes and ourselves.


IN KERALA PROPERTY remain committed to provide a wide spectrum of real estate portal, adopting suitable technologies for ensuring qualitative work for a good living experience of our valued clients.


To become one of the most efficient and reliable property provider across the globe.